Spangle Steel Cable is among the most trusted Raceway Manufacturers in Delhi. It is tremendous in load-bearing capacity and also very effective in short-circuit protection. It reduces the chances of disruption and minimizes the damage. Their sleek design and long-lasting nature make them easy to install and cost-effective.

Durable and Cost-Effective Cable Raceway

Spangle Steel Products manufactures the best range of Cable Raceway which adheres to international standards and are made while using high-grade raw material. Raceway cable tray is among the most popular products in that range. This type of cable tray is widely used in IT and various other industries. 

Eminent Raceways Cable Tray Suppliers in Delhi

The raceways are used to route wires through a safe cable track, enhancing security while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the space in an affordable way. Secure your work area with the implementation of durable and high-performance raceways. Get them from the top Raceways Cable Tray Suppliers in Delhi.

Cable Raceways

Product Specification 
Mounting Overhead, Floor, Vertical, Wall/Desk
Width 50 mm to 500 mm
Thickness Standard 14 swg to 16 swg
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Color Silver