Ladder Type Cable Tray

Ladder Type Cable Tray

Spangle Steel Products has been consistently manufacturing high-quality Ladder-Type Cable Tray for over two decades. Such a huge experience lets us stand far ahead from other Cable Tray and Ladder Type Cable Tray Manufacturers in Delhi. Here you get the Ladder-Type Cable Tray in the unbeatable price range while having an unmatchable level of quality. 

Adjustable and Durable Ladder-Type Cable Tray

The Ladder-type Cable Tray by Spangle Steel Products is capable of bearing a significant load continuously over a long period of time while being compact in the fitted space. Your requirement regarding Ladder type Cable Tray gets fulfilled in the most efficient manner through us as we put our vast experience of two decades in manufacturing the best kind of cable tray.

Leading Ladder Cable Tray Suppliers in India

Our innovative technologies incorporated Ladder Cable Tray helps you manage the electrical, industrial needs more reliably and efficiently yet in a safe manner. Such incredible elements have made our products most trusted and us the best Ladder Cable Tray Suppliers in India. Avail our Ladder type Cable Tray to get your requirements fulfilled in the best possible way

Cable Tray Tee

Product Specification 
Width 50-900 mm
Length 2400 mm,3000 mm
Product details Telephone cable tray Netw
Tray Type Ladder Type Cable Tray
Cable Tray Coating Galvanized Coating
Features Durable and smooth
Material Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Aluminum

Ladder Type Cable Trays

Product Specification 
Cable Tray Coating Galvanized Coating, Pre-Galvanized, Hot-Dip Galvanized
Width 150 mm - 1200 mm
Height 50 mm - 100 mm
Thickness 1.2 mm - 3 mm
Material Stainless Steel , Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Aluminum, Steel
Tray Type Wire Mesh Cable Tray, Trough Cable Tray, Single Rail Cable Tray, Ladder Type Cable Tray, Perforated CableTray