Cable Tray

Cable Tray

We at Spangle Steel Products manufacture highly durable, long-lasting yet affordable Cable Trays. With our excellent quality products, we are considered as one of the top Cable Tray Manufacturers in Delhi. Get Cable Tray and other storage solutions from our vast range of products and take your productivity to the next level.

Cost-Efficient and Long-Lasting Cable Tray

Cable Tray has to be long-lasting as they have to bear the load on a constant basis. Also, a sleek and innovative design makes it easy to fit in tedious spaces. We at Spangle Steel Products deeply understand that crucial requirement and put the best of our experience in manufacturing durable, stylish yet cost-effective cable trays. 

  • Aesthetically Designed
  • Adaptable and Flexible
  • Affordable and Reliable
  • Sustains Adverse Conditions

Top Galvanized Cable Tray Suppliers in India

Our cable tray withstands tough environment yet perform efficiently over a long period of time without getting much rusty or teary. Get the best-quality cable trays from the eminent Galvanized Cable Tray suppliers in India that will certainly meet your electrical and industrial needs in the most efficient way. Optimize the electrical fitting in a durable yet aesthetic way.

    Ladder Type Cable Tray

    Spangle Steel Products has been consistently manufacturing Ladder-Type Cable Tray for over two decades. Such a huge experience lets us stand far ahead from other Cable Tray and Ladder Type Cable Tray Manufacturers in Delhi. Here you get the Ladder-Type Cable Tray in the unbeatable price range while having an unmatchable level of quality. 

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    Perforated Cable Tray

    Spangle Steel Products is having over 20 years of experience and has become one of the most reputed Perforated Cable Tray Manufacturers in Delhi. We put the best of our experience while designing Perforated Cable Tray for their quick and easy installation. It’s unmatchable quality and durability makes them the top choice for meeting the electrical and industrial needs in various industries. 

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    Spangle Steel Cable is among the most trusted Raceway Manufacturers in Delhi. It is tremendous in load-bearing capacity and also very effective in short-circuit protection. It reduces the chances of disruption and minimizes the damage. Their sleek design and long-lasting nature make them easy to install and cost-effective.

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