Tips for Safety from COVID-19 at Departmental Stores

Tips for Safety from COVID 19 at Departmental Stores

The 'COVID-19 pandemic' aka 'Coronavirus crisis' has left us in an unprecedented situation. We have never seen such a situation before. It is affecting almost every industry and every life. The retail industry is one of the most affected industries among all. There are a lot of changes that are happening and many more changes will happen in future.

How Dangerous is COVID-19

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease is a highly infectious disease caused by the coronavirus. It makes people fall sick and to experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. The most important concern regarding the degree of spread. It is mainly transmitted through tiny droplets generated when an infected person sneezes, coughs or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air and quickly fall on the nearest surfaces or floor. It becomes crucial to maintain a safe distance from anyone who has COVID-19 and avoid touching the contaminated surface to prevent the chances of infection. 

How to Product Customers and Employees at Departmental Stores

As we are observing in the real world, the retail industry is one of the most affected industries from COVID-19 crisis. In departmental stores and supermarkets, you need to continue operations to keep running the supply chain and also need to ensure the safety of customers and employees at the same time. 

As an eminent storage and racking system manufacturer in India, let us suggest some useful tips for ensuring the safety of your customers and employees from Coronavirus infection. 

Develop Look More and Touch Less Culture: Every day we are getting a new piece of knowledge regarding Coronavirus pandemic. Many studies have found that the COVID-19 can survive up to three days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces and up to 24 hours on cardboard. 

As more and more customers are returning now to shop at the departmental stores, more physical proximity and touches are going to happen. As the store owner, you need to encourage the customers as well as your employees to touch the surfaces and rack products as less as they can. You need to use suitable racking solutions to ensure that.

Regular Sanitizations of Racks: Almost every institution is mandating all visitors to use hand sanitizer before entry. For departmental stores too, it is essential to make their customers use hand sanitizers before they start shopping. Along with this, the racks need to be cleaned regularly, especially those which carry popular items and those which come frequently into the contact of the customers. 

More Spacious Floor Space: Novel coronavirus may be airborne for up to a few hours before it settles down and for many hours there remains a chance of inhaling the floating virus and getting infected. More physical proximity means higher risks of infection. 

You need to avoid closed spaces. Install versatile racking solutions in such a manner that can carry the optimal amount of products while leaving proper space around them. You need to encourage social-distancing norms as much as possible. 

Smart Storage of Products: Identify the most purchased and essential products, and keep them as near the main door. That approach will help customers in finding the essential items promptly while spending significantly less time in the store. 

Except for food and daily-life essentials such as toiletries, bath and personal hygiene etc., all other items should be kept backwards to reduce the involvement of the customers as well as the store employees. Also, you can put a cap on the amount to avoid the rush.

Our Safety is in Our Hands

To summarise, we can say that store owners need to become more conscious as shopping is no longer a leisure activity. They need to install proper racking solutions to accommodate more space with optimal amounts of products and to take other measures to avoid close contacts. We also suggest using protective gear such as masks and sanitisers. Restrict kids and the elderly from coming on shopping expeditions.

Meanwhile, the government and reputed global health organisations are providing various shopping/selling guidelines for local retailers. Follow them strictly, emphasize on sanitisation and avoid close contacts. Retailers need to prioritise safety without compromising the quality service and empathy over their businesses.

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